Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Congratulation to DU99 RWE of Indonesia who just won the Advanced Division of RoboWaiter!,"

The tittle of this posting is from the facebook of committee 18 th Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest in Unites States of America. Who is the campion ? Indonesian representative : Unikom Robotik team...
Unikom robotik team bring 10 robot to participate contest in united states. They are is label : DU99 RWS, DU99 RWS4, DU99 RWE, DU116 RP, DU114 v.11, DU114 v.11 RR4, DU112 SE, DU112SE1, DU112 MS dan KARAT. 
2 hour after the first announcement at committee facebook, suddenly they also announcement that Indonesia robot also winner in the other category "The Indonesian team also won first and second place in the Entry Level Division of RoboWaiter!,
RoboWaiter is the category in which these robots must be a servant to mankind. The story is the robot must move one object from one point to another. Arena matches arranged so that the robot is going through a few hoops. The fastest robot to move objects without incurring hurdle is the winner.
DU 99 is representative at 18 th Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest and the other will be participate at contest robogame 2011 also in united states.
Keep Spirit, all indonesian people will be support & proud with you....

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