Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mandala Air is Game Over ?

When announcement in january 13 2011 if this airways will be stop temporary the flight operational because the restructuration of debt mandala is stuck all the people is dissapointed, also for me. Usualy use mandala for flight from balikpapan to semarang and otherwise because only mandala that flight in this route. When mandala flight to/ from balikpapan/ semarang this airways transit to banjarmasin about 15 minutes. Now without mandala my flight is only until surabaya airport, because if i go direct to semarang via surabaya i must to pay more. That i must pay 2 time (+/- Rp.1-milion) for the ticket, if mandala only 1.5 ticket price (about +/- Rp. 600.000,-). Transport for surabaya to my city (juwana) is need 5 tired.
To day (April 10 2011), i read from the newspaper if mandala will fire the worker, thats mean mandala still can't to restructuring the debt and can not get the new investor.
Bad news for me, i hope this is not the end of mandala, i still hope mandala will be survive...Go mandala, never give-up 

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