Thursday, December 9, 2010

LPGA Tour Pictures&Wallpaper

That would be the correct Jeopardy answer, and potentially the perfect solution for the LPGA Tour.

Think about the impact that Anna Kournikova had on women's tennis, and she never won anything that mattered. Anna Rawson could be that impact player for the LPGA.

They have been begging for something like this. Natalie Gulbis is hot when she is walking around the course next to trolls, but put her on The Apprentice next to Brande Roderick, and suddenly she is ordinary at best.

Anna Rawson can match up pretty good with just about anyone.

The good people at know exactly what I am talking about which is why she is all over their new ad campaign.
LPGA Tour Picture
LPGA Tour Image
LPGA Tour Hot Pic
LPGA Tour Wallpaper
LPGA Tour Wallpaper

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