Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 NFL Draft: Top 10 Linebackers

Moch is a renowned athlete who amazed scouts when he timed 4.25-seconds in the 40 last spring during junior timing day.  Moch lines up in a three-point stance on the college level but projects to outside linebacker in a 3-4 alignment in the NFL.  He’s tough to stop up the field but must show skill playing in space.

Beal is another Big 12 defensive end who projects to outside linebacker at the next level.  He’s been an explosive pass rusher at Oklahoma and displays terrific speed off the edge.  Beal must now display the ability to make plays moving in reverse rather than just up the

Wright offers some of the best size/speed numbers of any top linebacker and is also a solid football player.  He displays a nose for the ball in run defense, pursuing the action in every direction of the field while also shutting down opponents in coverage.  He comes with a great amount of upside and has the potential to start at a number of outside linebacker spots

Herzlich’s courageous return to the football field after battling cancer is well documented.  Before his illness Herzlich was a dominant defender who projected as a top 10 pick.  He did well this season, displaying many of his old skills.  The opinions of medical staffs around the league will ultimately dictate where he is selected

Foster is coming off a career campaign, leading the Huskies with 151 tackles, almost twice the number he registered as a junior.  His 11 tackles for loss is also noteworthy.  Foster is aggressive against the run and sacrifices his body to stop opposing ball handlers.  His skills defending the pass are also NFL caliber.  3rd/4th

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