Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ranking The Hottest Fan Bases

 Less talkie and more watchie

These hotties are not wearing anything with a Seahawks logo or even the team colors but I can confirm that they are fans.
At least, I think they are but since it is a picture of two women holding their boobs, I will pretend they are wearing the blue and silver

How can anyone concentrate on the game when this beautiful blonde, sporting a Jeremy Shockey hardhat by the way, keeps throwing up the Longhorns symbol?
It is making some people, the little girl, a bit unhappy. But that could also be the scoreboard

It could be worse Jets fans, you could have the greatest quarterback in Jets history drunk on national television hitting on the sideline reporter.
Oh wait, whoops. For now, just appreciate the hotties licking the bottle.
 Another reason why Tim Tebow did not make it to Jacksonville, the cougar's would not let him get off the airplane.

I am not going to say this is an official Chiefs fan, but she is shooting a bow and arrow, get it? Arrowhead? Do you see the connection?
Anyway, seeing what this beauty has to offer makes me consider a road trip to Kansas City, until I realized how far away Kansas City was from every team not called the Rams

What has two legs, wears a Vince Young jersey, and is probably an aspiring singer?
If you answered, all the hot fans in Tennessee, you win!

Fall is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing, it's football time. Whether you are a college football freak or an NFL fanatic, a few things are certain; you are getting your war paint ready, making sure the beer is stocked, and buying the biggest high-def television you can afford.
What is a better way to celebrate the beginning of the 2010 NFL season than with a slideshow filled with smoking hotties from all 32 teams?
For most of you who have read my stuff, this is nothing new, but to the newbies just getting a chance to view this for the first time, you are in for a sexy, well, sexy might be an understatement, treat. This is a list of the fan bases throughout the NFL, ranked according to their level of hotness, which is pretty high.

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